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Laura Mays

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Jan Rook is the creator of Jada Cats and Jan's Grooming in Springfield, Mo.  Jan is a licensed All Breed ACFA judge where she judges cat shows all over the USA, Canada, and China. She is the South Central Reginal Director and a board member of the ACFA. She also serves as the Exotic Shorthair breed chairman. 

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Nikki and I bonded over her love of one of our family's favorite females, Miss Lilly.  We stayed in touch, and after a few months with Lilly, Nikki decided she needed to help add happiness to the world through making some awesome little babies like Lilly.  Nikki has mentored under us for over a year, and made some gorgeous and well socialized litters.  She now has two Persians, Liberty, and of course Lily who will both be giving us more gorgeous, sweet babies, this spring.

​​​​JadaCats, created by Jan Rook has been dedicated to excellence in the Persian and Exotic Shorthairs, and Selkirk Rex breeds for over 40 years. We have produced multiple Grand Champions and International top winning cats. All 417 Catteries have carried on these high standards in type, and health.

  We are dedicated to improving the breeds and educating others on appropriate feline care.  JadaCats was named Inter-American Breeder of the Year for 2015-16.  Check out our Persian, Exotic, or Selkirk Lines.  We breed for quality not quantity.  For this reason, we do not always have kittens available.

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Jan Rook

One of my best friends as a little girl, was a big, red Persian named OJ.  I fell in love with the breed from that point.  They are truly different than any other cat you will own.  In 2015, I connected with a mentor, who is is now a great friend, that helped my daughters and I begin our Journey in showing and breeding these great little creatures.  I began "Reggie's Friends" for retired breeders, and Persian based cats in need loving homes in 2017.  We have place over 50 wonderful Persian cats in forever homes to date.

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Laura Mays

​Customer Service, Persian and Exotic

Shorthair Breeder, and director of Retired Breeders Program

(417) 669- 1979

Jan Rook

417 Cattery Manger, Director of Health and Standard,  ACFA All Breed Judge, Breeder of Selkirk, and Exotic Shorthair

(417) 860-7064

Nikki Combs

Persian Breeder

(417) 546- 1860