Every effort is made to insure our kittens are free of congenital defect, hereditary defect, and contagious disease.  Kittens are provided with regular and timely veterinarian care as well as being kept in sanitary and non stressful conditions.  If there is a question on health or socialization such as slow weaning or low birth weight we keep our kittens a couple of extra weeks to be on the safe side. 

Despite our best efforts we realize that in rare cases there are health issues that can be missed or even unable to detect.  This is a tragic reality of working with any animal breed and we will offer compensation to the new owners during the first year if this unlikely event occurs.  HOWEVER because we also want to make sure that any environmental or genetic factor in our catteries is weeded out for future kittens, we do require the following conditions to be met for compensation under the health warranty:

 * The new owner has provided reasonable veterinary care while the kitten was in their care.

* Owner notified the cattery of the suspected illness or death within 48 hours and is willing to release any and all veterinary records to the cattery.

*The cause of illness or death could not be prevented by the new owner, was not the result of an accident while in the new owners care, or a contagious disease that was aquired while in the new owners care.

* In the case of death, the owner provided the kitten to the catteries choice of facilities for an autopsy, and released the facility to share all information regarding results.

* At no time while the kitten was in the new owners care was he or she put outside.

* Buyers are not entitled to a replacement kitten or a refund if the conditions of the health warranty, or the buyers contract are not upheld.  Refunds or credit can only be issued after our catteries have had time to conduct an investigation into the illness or death.  The general time guideline for this is 7-10 business days after receiving all veterinary and autopsy reports.


Spring  2015- Gary & Sophi- L. Mays

Spring 17- Reggie & Penelope L.Mays

Most kittens will be sold as NO DECLAW, meaning under contract they should not be declawed. However, in urgent situations we will make an exception under our Declaw Clause.  Should an owner qualify for this exception we will ask that the kitten be declawed no later than 6 months, and that a laser type surgery be used along with recommended pain management.

Health Guarantee

Fall 18 Litter Jeno & Maya (Calsie)

Spring 16 Litter- Gary and Suki-L.Mays

Other Care Information

Health and Care


Ordinary veterinary care-  Your cat should have a regular veterinarian for vaccines and checkups. Parasite prevention is also a must.  Fleas cause itching, can carry disease, and cause anemia in cats.  They also reproduce quickly and can quickly take over your house.  If you see one flea you have seen too many.

Handle with Care-  Cat and kittens become highly stressed when moved to a new environment.   Keeping them in a small controlled area the first couple of weeks is best. They need to bond with you so making them depend on you for everything is the secret. Socialize them slowly to other pets and their new surroundings. 

Inside Only!-  All cat's are safer and generally live longer lives as inside pets.  The Persian and Exotic Shorthairs have additional reasons they should never be allowed outside.  Their flat face and hair coat make them extremely susceptible to cold and heat.  These are not cats made for the changing weather.  As one of the most domesticated and human engineered breeds their fight or flight instincts are nearly extinct.  Most Persians and Exotics have the personality of a cat who will take a nap in the road, or go up and try to make friends with the neighbor's large dog.  They are not meant for a life that doesn't include dependence for safety, food, water, and hygiene from a human friend.  We DO NOT sell our cats to homes that intend to put them outside at any time.  Remember as well, if you can not keep your cat in your home anymore at any time in it's life contact us  to find a new home for your baby!

You are what you eat!- A high quality cat food will make a huge difference in not only your cats health, and coat, but your litterbox smell as well. Ask us about your pets diet. We can provide you with what they are eating now. 

Grooming- There is not such a thing as a hypo allergenic cat or one that doesn't shed.  This is a misconception I get quite often in regards to the Exotic Shorthair and the Selkirk.  While these breeds do not have the intensive grooming needs of the Persian they do need to be brushed with a metal comb, and slicker brush weekly to reduce shedding and avoid mats.  All inside cats need their nails cut on a regular basis.  Getting your kitten into the habit of grooming early is extremely important. Remember regular bathing is necessary to keep a beautiful and mat free coat. 

What veterinary care will my kitten get before it comes home?

Declaw Clause