Who wouldn't love those squishy faces and big eyes?  The Exotic Shorthair meets the standards of a Persian in every way with the exception of it's easier to care for medium, dense coats. The hair is so thick that it makes the cat appear larger than it is.  Their personality is docile affectionate, and personable.  They are very people oriented although most get along fine with other animals.  Due to their shorthaired line outcrossing they tend to be described as being a little more playful than their couch potato Persian relatives.  Exotics that are the product of a good breeding program tend to be hardy with very few health afflictions.  However their  facial type does make them sensitive to heat.  Their facial structure also causes the need for helping the cat keep their face clean with a warm washcloth . .

When showing the the CFA, Exotic Longhairs are shown as Persians. However, in the ACFA they have their own division for championchip. 

Kissa - Sassy little Calico

Jan Rook

Theenie- Silver Shaded Princess

 Laura Mays

Bruce- what a character.

Jan Rook

Mr. Habanero - The Persian King

Jan Rook

Keeper- Jan Rook

Pocket Pet- Curly little fun boy

Jan Rook

Oh, Sweet Little Fudge- Jan Rook

You will see ads for Exotic Longhair but there doesn't seem to be a category for them according to most recognized cat registrations.  So whats going on here?  When a long haired and a short haired are bred or even two short hair the resulting kittens will most likely  be both long and short haired.  The appearance of a Persian born of a exotic short hair line will  mimic a persian that was never outcrossed at all, although some will have very coarse easier to manage coats.  CFA registers these kittens as persian.  So does that mean there is not a difference?  Not entirely.  Even though these cats appear the same they were still outcrossed with a short hair line which produces a more outgoing and lively personality.  There is definitely a difference in behavior in our exotic line kitties versus our Persians that were not outcrossed with this line.  Exotics tend to be the kind of cat that will meet you at the door when you come home, run around the house like its an obstacle course, and compete for your attention.  

Suzzee Q- pretty little show girl

Jan Rook

The Selkirk is one of the newest natural breeds.  It is a large, heavy boned cat.  Selkirks are incredibly loving, tolerant and patient.  They also come in a fabulous curly, soft, plush type coat. Their Persian and British Shorthair ancestors give them a placid, cuddly nature, but they are more active than those breeds and like to play. People who live with them describe them as sweet and endearing, with a bit of a silly streak. They are very social little creatures.  Unlike many other cat breeds they do not do well in Isolation.  If you are planning on getting a Selkirk you should have a lifestyle that allows you to give your pet time and attention.
If you are interested in taking one of these teddy bears home contact JadaCats for information on upcoming litters or email either cattery to put your name on a waiting list.

Redmon-  pretty little wise guy- Jan Rook

Reggaroni and Mary- True Love- Laura Mays

Raya- Jan Rook

The Exotic Shorthair (ESH)

Ellington- What a sweet little mommy-

Jan Rook.

Crusher - Jan Rook

Iris' Rose (AKA: Bam Bam) daughter of Lilly and Redmon.   Laura Mays

The Persian is an exquisite and regal looking animal, but there is more to this cat than a pretty face.  The Persian is an ancient breed dating back to the 1500s.  In the 1900 when Queen Victoria fell in love with the breed, (and who wouldn't) the Persians popularity increased dramatically.  It was also around this time the Persian was introduced to the United States.  Their are two different "face styles" of Persians.  The doll face or traditional has a broad face with a short muzzle that is rounded.  They do not experience some of the issues associated with the face.  The darling flat face has tremendously gained in popularity.  It is the recognized type for a Persian in the Show Ring.  Both have the wonderful, loving personalities that are synonymous with the Persian Breed

Atticus, a lot of character to fit into one kitty!  Laura Mays

Liberty is one of our newest additions.

Nikki Coms

Jan Rook's Chinchilla Shaded beauties, Cassie, Quincy, and Calvin

The Persian

Sweet Little Lily- Nikki Combs

About the Breeds

Exotic Longhair- Is it a Persian or Not?

Rod - Don't you think I'm sexy?

​Jan Rook

Meet The Selrkirks