Sales Policies and Etiquette

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Currently we have limited Exotic Shorthair.  Please call, email, or text if you are interested in 1.  We do have a couple of babies available for deposit soon.


Our Exotic Shorthair -

Show and Breeding Contracts and Requirements

Beautiful Selkirks Available !!!

This is Captain.  He is Young, under a year.  He lost his right eye, and is waiting in adoptions.  He is great with children, and pets.  Any family would be lucky to have captain.

Both Curly and Straight hair males available.  Wonderful Personalities Have had all kitten immunizations, as well as have been neutered.  $500.00

Below are the qualifications to purchase a kitten/cat from  our catteries:

Purchasing for Pet:  Most people will be sold a kitten as pet only regardless of the kitten's standard. Buying a kitten of Breeding Quality Does not mean you may breed the cat.   To Purchase a "pet kitten":

1. Each person wishing to purchase a kitten will be asked to fill out a short kitten application, with their basic information, and their last veterinarian's contact information.  

2. A kitten purchased as a pet MUST be spayed or neutered and is only eligible to be shown in a "household pet division" if you wish to participate in area cat shows.  

3.  All kittens regardless of quality, or contract have a full one year health warranty, provided the terms of the contract are met.

Purchasing for SHOW OR Breeding purposes:  ​We DO NOT decide breeding rights based on a fee.  I don't quite understand catteries that operate that way, or what the fee is for.   Charging a large fee to anyone with the money, as a way to gauge who is adequate to possess the right to breed our cats, would seem quite exploitive to me.   Here are the guidelines we will consider selling felines with any reproductive rights.   

1. A person who is established, reputable, and active within a recognized registry,  and is following all the animal regulations, and registration policies for their state, county, or area.

2.  A person that has entered into a mentorship agreement with one of our catteries.   (In this case the breeding rights would be limited under the agreement, for the time of the mentorship)


About our Adoptable Purebred Program

We practice ethical and compassionate breeding.  Any cat that we use for show or breeding that is not staying with us as a pet, is retired, and placed in a permanent pet home in their fourth year.  We also began an assistance program to help any Persian, or Persian based (Exotic Shorthair, Selkirk, Himalayan) cat coming out of a breeding program, or simply displaced.  This is a great way to go about getting a Persian kitty if adoption interests your family.  These are kitties that are generally of a very high standard in quality, and very deserving of a great home.

We give any veterinary care needed, work on any needed socialization, and then match to a home that would suit the cat's personality.  These special kitties are either cats we have grown very attached to, or cats that another person has entrusted to our care, so we are protective about their next  home.  If you are looking to adopt an adult  cat, please expect to talk to one of us in person as well as filling out an application.  All of our adults are up to date on vaccines, guaranteed FELV/FIV free, and have had their alter surgery.  The typical adoption fee is $200. to help cover these expenses.  CURRENTLY WE  DO HAVE SEVERAL ADULTS.  PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 417-669-1979 FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PICTURES.

Pricing on kittens-  Our prices are based around the average at the time for our area, quality, and standard.  Currently, pet quality kittens between 5 and 700, and the more typey, or show quality kittens are starting at $1100-1200 . This is only an estimate.  We have kittens that are a little less for one reason or another, and prices can be higher based on standard, as well as the season, and the average for professionally bred purebred cats in the area.   We do discount our kittens if they do not have an appropriate home past their go home date, to encourage our older babies finding great homes before their younger counterparts. So it is possible that a litter can be reduced in price or go up in price.  However all fees are set and unchangeable once  A CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE.   Please DO NOT call expecting to haggle a price on a kitten.  We do not price or discount our kittens based on this system.

Deposits- A deposit is made to HOLD a kitten so that no one else can buy that kitten.  This requires a commitment on both parties part, and prevents the kitten from being offered to another suitable home.  By the time you pick up your kitten, paperwork, and vet records have been filled out indicating that you are the owner.  All of this has to be changed if a customer defaults, and it leaves the kitten looking for a home, at a time that they should be going home with a family.  DEPOSITS ON LIVE ANIMALS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.    Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to before choosing your kitten.  We are glad to help you make the best decision for your family, even if it's not us.  DO NOT MAKE A DEPOSIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO COMMIT TO YOUR CAT OR KITTEN.  The only exceptions to refunding/ or transferring a deposit  are:

1. The kitten you chose had to be held back due to a concern in growth or development

2. The breeder cancelled the sale for any reason

3. An extreme life event that can be documented ( etc. House fire, unexpected death illness)

Visits-  You may visit the cattery and your kitten.  Visits need to be scheduled in advance.
Pick up/ Delivery-  There have been changes in the shipping of brachycephalic pet breeds since 2018.  We no longer arrange shipping for our clients.  There are occasions that we can help by making a recommendation.  Buyers are responsible for making payments and arranging shipping with their transport. All transport plans need to be communicated with the cattery to be sure that necessary accommodations are made.

Pictures/updates- We make our best attempt to send out updated pictures once a week while we have your kitten.  Please keep in mind there are no guarantees on how often this can occur.  We all have families, and full time jobs as well.  We are always available to answer questions or concerns. You can always ask us if you are wanting a new update and we will get you one as soon as possible.

Payment-  Cash, Money Order, Venmo, cash app or PayPal are all acceptable methods of payment. (We can now accept credit card payments (provided you are picking up M-F, and not meeting), however we do charge the small fee the credit card company charges us back to the customer. )
If you choose to use PayPal, you may use the Friends and Family Option for free.  If you choose to use the business option you will be responsible for the fee charged to us for the use of PayPal.  This fee is generally 6% of the sale.  No kitten will be released to a new owner until their  total due has been paid in full.